Pre purchase or vendor surveys are commonly instructed as part of a purchase or sale transaction of property.

Surveys and inspections are also instructed to ensure compliance with statutory duties and lease obligations.

Analysis and survey of specific building defects are instructed where there has been failure of an element of the fabric of the building.  Some types of defect are common in all buildings, such as water ingress, shrinkage, structural movements, while others are often associated with buildings of a specific age or type.

Surveys can be used to gather information for later repair, maintenance or refurbishment works.

Residential surveys

We provide level 1 condition surveys and level 3 full building surveys.

Commercial surveys

Commercial surveys need to identify the requirements of the potential purchaser.  We clarify our instruction to distinguish between different interests in a building.  We provide conditions surveys and full surveys and agreed interim stages of inspection.

Stock condition surveys

Surveys of portfolios of property often for social housing or other land lords.

Planned maintenance schedules

Costed schedules prepared to allow budget projections to be made for the maintenance of the full value of an asset or a home. Schedules will assist in managing lease end situations.

Specific defect investigation

Inclusive of proposals for repair where required.

Conservation and repair of historic brickwork

Consultancy and specification of historic and new build gauged work. Consultancy on historic brickwork and handmade bricks.

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