Neighbourly matters covers the management of the issues that arise when building works are proposed that will impact on neighbouring property owners and occupiers.

Management of neighbourly matters is designed to ensure a fair and objective implementation of rights and obligations that exist under statute and common law.

We aim to avoid and resolve the risks of conflict and delay whilst minimising costs.

Party Wall etc. Act 1996

A building owner carrying out notifiable works is required to serve notice on all adjoining owners.  Where the adjoining owner does not agree to the works they are entitled to appoint their own surveyor usually at the cost of the building owner.  We are experienced in determining and serving the required notices and drawing up awards.  We act as surveyor for the building owner, adjoining owner or as agreed surveyor.

Crane and scaffold licences

Where the party procuring works wishes to negotiate scaffold to be placed on neighbouring land or wishes a crane to oversail air space.

The Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992

Legislation whereby an order can be given by the court for an owner to enter on adjacent land for the purposes of carrying out maintenance and repair to his / her building.

Daylight and sunlight

Building Research Establishment Report 209 entitled Site layout planning for daylight and sunlight: A guide to good practice.  This report gives guidance on sunlight and daylight that will be enjoyed by a proposed scheme and the impact on neighbouring buildings and open areas.  Planning authorities will commonly require a daylight and sunlighting study in support of a planning application.

Rights to Light

The assessment of the interference to a neighbour’s easement of light commonly a matter of dispute when new developments and buildings are proposed.

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